Banners, fresh signage and lighting can breathe new life into your building or event. Our IRATA approved operatives are capable of installing banners and signage virtually anywhere on a building or other structure, and at any height.

Subject to the type of installation and the site conditions, we will employ rope access, our own truck mounted access platforms or temporary cradle systems.

Using rope access to reach high and hard-to-access areas is often quicker, cheaper and more effective than erecting scaffolding. Led by a level 3 supervisor and carrying the latest equipment, the Spectrum crew are able to work out the most efficient solution possible for your business.

Banner and signage services include:

  • Consultancy service to determine installation and fixing methodology
  • Full fitting and installation service
  • Installation of associated frames if required
  • Co-ordination of Health and Safety requirements
  • Banner changes
  • Decoration rigging and lighting rigging for events
  • Installation and repair of flagpoles

Banner fitting operations can also be carried out at night if necessary, avoiding all disruption to your business.


The use of abseiling means signage can be installed quickly, cost effectively and safely in London and the South East. Abseiling removes the need for large lorries, which are often required when using powered access or scaffolding, and we very proud of the knock on benefits this saving has for the environment.


Our team of technicians and managers can work with designers and even undertake surveys on your behalf to guarantee the correct install is achieved first time, and the eye-catching product you envisaged is realised.

Mesh banners are an excellent budget choice; lighter, more flexible and easy to manipulate, installation is generally quick and low cost. This sort of signage is often a first stop for temporary information such as new builds, Sale or To Let signs and other types of advertising.

Safety and efficiency

Carrying out detailed health and safety and risk assessment at the outset, and providing a detailed work report at the end, we ensure comprehensive, safe work from start to finish. Where the proposed site of installation may be hazardous or difficult to reach, you can be certain we have fully examined the situation and the best way to proceed.

Rope access engineers (abseilers) have a deep understanding of load bearing and enhanced knowledge of rope, cables, tension and knotting; skills such as stitching banners and scaffold building are second nature, and undertaken with maximum safety and competence.

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