Spectrum Specialist Support offers broad experience in the choice of the bird proofing systems available and expertise in the most cost efficient and effective way forward for your bird proofing needs.

Based in central London, we are able to accommodate clients everywhere from London proper to the South East of England. Our rope access operatives are equipped to make whatever bird proofing choice you make appear as discreet and professional as possible, whilst establishing a system that protects and controls wherever necessary.

We undertake a free initial survey of client properties, during which all requirements and options from budget to bird species will be clarified. Read on for a general introduction to the possibilities, or get in touch for a conversation around the specific needs of your property.

Bird Proofing Solutions, the options:

Bird Netting

The use of the Birdnetsystem for High level pressure is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of proofing buildings and other structures against all urban bird species. The system consists of a 2mm stainless steel perimeter straining cable, which is supported normally by stainless steel fixings drilled into the structure at regular centres. The cable is tensioned using a high quality grade 316 stainless steel M5 or M6 barrel strainer and the net securely attached to it by stainless steel hog rings.

Heavy-duty M6 and M8 stainless steel netbolts are used in the corners or where points of abnormal stress occur. Intermediate fixings generally consist of 50mm stainless steel split pins inserted into 50mm nylon anchor rivets, or a HiltiHA8 zinc plated metal hanger on larger netting systems. Where we are fixing into cladding systems, we are able to use a 25mm x 25mm right-angled bracket or a 40mm x 40mm plastic injection moulded base, to avoid penetrating the surface material.

The Birdnet netting itself is constructed from high density ultra-violet stabilised knotted 12/6 polyethylene, this is chemically inert and rot proof in addition to offering a high resistance to a wide range of chemical and environmental conditions. The result is a high quality tensioned Birdnet sealing the perimeter area and preventing gaps appearing.

Birdnet is available in four mesh sizes and various colours depending on the physical surroundings and particular species causing the problem. Nets can also be incorporated with other systems such as spikes and wire.

Bird Spikes

Birdpoint for meduim to low level pressure is one of the best and most robust point systems available, specifically designed for areas of heavy infestation. Spike systems work well in protecting the front leading edge of buildings and are intended to stop birds perching on ledges and fouling the front of a property.

Theangled wires used in Birdpoint increase the effectiveness of the system and eliminate the need for multiple rows on wide ledges. The dense pattern of protruding pins make it impossible for pigeons to land, moving them on humanely. The system is suitable for pigeons and gulls.

The 316 grade stainless steel or plastic wires are 115mm high and 1.3mm in diameter. Three types are available, single point, double point or angular triple point. They are locked into custom made slots in the base from underneath, guaranteeing security. This base consists of UV stabilised acrylonitrile polystyrene, 50mm wide for the double and triple point and just 30mm wide for single point. This means that even narrow stonework and finer architectural features can benefit. The system is bonded to surface material using a strong neutral silicone adhesive.

Bird Wire

The Birdwire system for low level pressure is one of the most widely used anti-perching systems in the UK, preventing feral pigeons and gulls from perching on the ledges of buildings around the country.

 The system consists of nylon coated, spring-tensioned stainless steel wire supported by stainless steel posts, affixed to stonework using half round tipped nylon anchor rivets. The posts are available in various sizes and stainless steel split pins can be used to fix the wire into window reveals. The posts, springs, wires and split pins are made of corrosion resistant 316-grade stainless steel.

Bird Repellent Gel

Bird Gel is long-lasting, non-toxic, and effective as the least disruptive to the aesthetics of building architecture and design. It can be used against pigeons, starlings and sparrows, and is suitable for linear problem areas such as ledges, parapets and cornices.

This simple solution allows birds to land initially. However, as they try to step out of the gel they experience a sensation akin to that of trying to walk through thick mud on a wet day. It is extremely unpleasant for them, but in no way harmful – and very effective. Soon the message is passed along to the rest of the flock and the birds will take flight for a better, more comfortable roostawayfrom your eaves, ledges, and overhangs.

More about Bird Proofing:

What type of Bird Activity is around your property?

Bird activity is measured in levels of pressure.

High level: Areas where pigeons are roosting, nesting and rearing chicks.

Medium level: Areas where pigeons have been roosting for a long time and sites where regular food is found.

Low level: Areas where occasional pigeon activity is present. If this is ignored it often progresses into medium or high pressure.

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