If you are looking for a brick cleaning and restoration experts in London to clean, preserve and bring back your existing brickwork to its former glory or bring it some new life you have come to the right place.

Our vast experience in cleaning and restoring various different buildings and surfaces in London gives us the expertise to know the best method required for your brickwork and to how achievethe desired results and to exceed our clients expectations from brick cleaning and brick restoration.

It is strongly advised that pressure washers is avoided on bricks, sometimes too much pressure can damage the bricks splitting the surface and erode the tope layer of the brick which can cause damage and also an unwanted rough surface finish. The pressure also forced more water into the brick which can lead to further damage.

Typically bricks should have a biocide concentrate that is  specially mixed for each job or area of brickwork depending on what is required, for example if cleaning algae growth or staining. Cleaning limescale of brickwork required more aggressive agents and surrounding areas should be protected.  Limescale on Brickwork can easily develop from water damage or overflowing pipes that are left unresolved. Once the brickwork is treated with appropriate cleaning agents, it should be removed with steam, preferably a doff steam cleaning machine, which is specifically built for stone and masonry.

Doff Steam Cleaning in London and the South East

The doff machine will deliver very high temperatures for an effective cleaning process without damaging the brickwork but preserving its finish and texture. We recommend this system because it is one of the only machines available to achieve 150 degrees at the end of the nozzle, most machines that say they will deliver that temperature won’t at the nozzle end, and the difference in 10-20 degrees at that end of the Spectrum will make all the difference.  For affective brick cleaning Spectrum use Doff Steam Cleaning Machines.

We can remove paint from your brickwork

Using Steam from our doff steam cleaning machines we can safely remove paint without damaging the brickwork underneath the paint work. Pressure Washers will struggle to remove paint as affectively and are likely to cause damage to the brickwork during the process.

Waterproofing brickwork in London and the South East

After your brick cleaning has being completed, we can apply a  transparent coasting that seals your bricks and makes them water tight. Especially if there has been water damage in the affected area this can be a great way to preserve the bricks further after water bricks have been cleaned and staining on the bricks removed.

Brick Restoration and pointing in London and the South East

If your brickwork has suffered from water damage Spectrum can restore the brick work back to their natural look and feel.  We will first roughly clean the bricks and expose masonry surfaces. We will point out the masonry between the bricks where necessary and mix the correct amount of cement and even mix in colouring if necessary to blend into the existing colour of the masonry in the bricks.

Needle Gun Restoration in London and the South East

Some internal Brickwork is finished with a needle gun to give a worn and older looking texture which can bring out some beautiful characteristics to the brickwork. Although the machines look like they are literally hammering the bricks with many small needles, it is a delicate process that requires care and experience to not damage the bricks or to take away too much of the brickwork.

The process can also be used to bring back some new life to the bricks especially if they are tired, or if they have had water damage. We have carried out various different brick work restoration to apartments that have had water damage and staining. Please see before and after pictures below:

before and after needle gun pictures 1024x630 - Brick Cleaning and restoration in London and the South East

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