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Spectrum are specialists in the cleaning and restoration of metal and stone cladding. We have a vast amount of experience in cleaning and restoring various types of cladding in London and the South East of the UK, and have tackled the most challenging cladding restoration tasks. When choosing Spectrum you can rest assured that your cladding will be restored safely and to the highest standard possible. Your building will look as fresh as it did new!

Spectrum are London’s leading cladding cleaning and restoration specialists.

The methods used

The specific method used will vary depending on the type of cladding your property has.

The most common form of cladding restoration is a 3-stage process. This is primarily used to restore aluminium and stainless steel panels. This involves:

  • A deep cleaning with a specialist cleaning gel. When removing engrained dirt from cladding panels, this is the best product for extracting stubborn residue
  • Once thoroughly clean, a restoration wax is applied to the cladding, polishing it back to its former glory

Finally, a neutraliser and protector is applied, bringing up the colour and texture back to new and keeping it looking neat for as long as possible. Our previous projects include 5 Broadgate in London, the newly built headquarters for Swiss financial giants UBS. This work was carried out for the main sub-contractor upon completion of the building project. The pattern on the cladding, which can only be seen clearly up close, made these panels particularly challenging to clean. Three contractors had previously attempted to clean the cladding but failed. Spectrum were called in to complete the project under very tight time frames and successfully completed the job first time.

Rust removal

The most common issue with rust on cladding panels is caused during the construction period rather than as it ages. This happens where iron deposits from works above fall onto the cladding panels and cause a chemical reaction between metals. This normally surfaces in small spots of rust.

Whatever rust issue you may have with your building’s classing, Spectrum have both the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most severe scenarios. We have helped restore various buildings across the capital suffering from rust staining of all severities.

Using the appropriate Chemicals for Rust

Spectrum use specialist chemicals for cladding cleaning, depending on the type. Rust marks can be easily removed with the right product. Spectrum have tested and experiments with numerous chemical blends and products to find and demonstrate the most effective, and this first-hand knowledge allows for expert usage to deep clean whilst preventing any further or future damage to the panels. 

Rust Removal   SWC  SSS 1024x768 - Cladding Cleaning and Restoration

Ensuring the product does not run off onto other parts of the building is also critical. Different cladding may react differently to the product depending on the surface material, which can run the risk of causing damage. This also applies to the gaskets in window frames, which are often void from warranty if the unit is affected. It is important to choose a contractor that has the experience, knowledge and method in tackling rust and knows how to work effectively around these potential issues. Spectrum will ensure your building is restored with care and our experience, and process will ensure the best possible results.

Spectrum will be able to help you with even the most severe rust removal from your building’s cladding. There are many products that can be chosen for rust removal, but the selection of the appropriatetype of product is critical to ensure there are no adverse reactions, particularly with stainless steel. Call Spectrum now on020 3 551 6206for more information on how we can help, or for a free cost estimate.

Marble and granite cladding restoration

If your building has faded, dull looking marble or granite on its facade, Spectrum can restore this stone back to its former glory with specialist marble and granite stone polishing. Using the best specialist products, and relevant application of them, we will ensure that your building looks like brand new. Spectrum are equipped to tackle your marble stone polishing no matter how difficult it may be to reach. We are equipped to restore your marble and granite either by cradle, bmu, rope access, MEWP, or scaffolding. No job is too high or too big!

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The methods used for optimum results

Marble and granite cladding restoration involves a 2-stage process. This includes:

  • The gentle application of a specialist stone restoration product. This is applied with specialist equipment, easing it into the stone at less than 200rpm to avoid swirl marks. This product brings back shine to marble or granite
  • Once the excess of the first product has been removed, a second cleaning product is applied. This improves the shine and appearance again but also embeds a protective layer onto the surface to maintain the cleanliness for as long as possible.

For more information or for a free quote please call now 020 3 551 6206

Other types of cladding cleaning and restoration

Wooden cladding restoration

Wooden cladding restoration is a delicate process, which is why we strongly advise against using pressure washers. These can cause the surface of the wood to split, and force water into the panels. The most common cause of discolouration in wooden panels is algae. Black algae can make wooden cladding appear darker and as the last colour in the developmental process of algae, will have been present for quite some time.

The methods used for optimum results

Rather than using pressure washers, a soft wash system with an appropriate mixture of biocide is far more effective. This gentle cleaning process that leaves the surface of the wooden panels undamaged. Having the relevant experience and knowledge is vital to ensure the best results with wooden cladding cleaning. Spectrum are able to achieve this whilst also ensuring the surroundings are not affected by the treatment.

Protecting my wooden cladding

As well as cleaning and restoring your wooden cladding, you may wish to apply a layer of varnish to improve its look and feel as well as protecting the panels and extending their life. The Spectrum maintenance team can be called upon at any time to help complete this for you following completion of the cleaning process.

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