What is DOFF Cleaning?

DOFF Cleaning is a cleaning process that uses a ‘DOFF’ machine. DOFF machines super-heat water to produce steam in extremely high temperatures that can then be used to clean building exteriors. Heated to a higher temperature than conventional steam-cleaners, the extra-hot steam produced is unbeatable at removing fungi, algae, moss, spores and other biological matter, dirt and ‘grot’ on walls and roofs. As the steam has been heated to an unprecedented level and the heat treats the matter rather than adding extra pressure, the surface being cleaned does not suffer the adverse effects of any thermal shock, deep saturation or damaging pressure. In most cases, this negates the need for any hazardous chemicals to be used; keeping everything as organic and harmless as possible. DOFF Cleaning is therefore especially beneficial to the beautiful and often aged buildings of London and the South East.

Benefits of using our DOFF Cleaning Service

If you have heard of DOFF steam cleaning systems, you will likely be familiar with it being associated with stone cleaning, graffiti removal, render cleaning, masonry, brickwork and other surfaces that often require specialist steam cleaning - particularly useful when it comes to maintaining some of London’s historic buildings. Using super-heated steam rather than pressure makes DOFF Cleaning highly superior to traditional steam-cleaning systems. The Doff cleaning system used by Spectrum is the only system accredited by English Heritage for use on their protected buildings; the steam rather than pressure cleaning allows for protection of surface textures and finishes with no damage. This is one of the fundamental reasons that Spectrum use this equipment for specialist cleans all around London and the South East.

Other applications DOFF Cleaning can be used for

Spectrum can also use this DOFF Cleaning application for graffiti removal and removing paint from brickwork, as well as cleaning and restoring masonry. Please see our other service pages for more information on some other applications and benefits of the unique DOFF Cleaning system!

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