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Whether you need routine maintenance or an emergency call out, Spectrum are able to help you with your drainage issues fast and effectively, ensuring care and quality is delivered to your property.

Spectrum offer a 24/7 emergency call out service  drain unblocking service and are entrusted by some of London’s most prestigious blocks. We always ensure our drain cleaning service minimises any disturbance or mess.

Drain maintenance

We pride ourselves in the quality service we offer for drain cleaning maintenance, flushing through all drains with the appropriate drain jet head and jetted through thoroughly. We document each job with photos and videos so you can see for yourself that the maintenance has been carried out carefully and thoroughly by our drain jetting team.

If your block has no tap access, we are self-contained and able offer service without access to taps. Our vans are equipped with large water tanks for supplying water for drain jetting if required.

What to typically expect from drain cleaning/maintenance?

  1. With access to ground drainage, we will clean drain runs, sub runs and gully runs, before tackling the base of stacks and down pipes.
  2. Surface drains will be cleaned along with any gullies running through to walkways and common areas.
  3. Rain water drains are cleaned using a plough jet to keep silt levels low.
  4. Any further defects are reported on and any debris is removed.

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Drain unblocking

We know that blocked drains can cause severe damage and disruption, and we know how critical it is to be able respond quickly. Call the Spectrum drain unblocking team now if you have a blockage on 020 3 551 6206

Spectrum are equipped to tackle all of your drain blockage issues and our service team will test your entire system before leaving. This allows you to  rest assured all issues are resolved and no return calls are required.

Often it can be difficult to gain access to a drain blockage – Spectrum specialise in difficult access projects and will be able to help even if you can’t see, reach or find the problem’s source.

Cast studies

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We know that managing a block can be demanding, especially in a city as hectic as London. Spectrum is heavily equipped for almost any scenario to help take the strain out of your hands.

Spectrum were called in for an emergency investigation to unblock a drain that had water overflowing from the ground in a communal area. The report was a drain blockage, so we respondedand had a drain blockage team on site within an hour – no mean feat in London traffic! Upon arrival we could see that in fact there was a downpipe going into the ground drainage system. After flushing and clearing the drains, it was clear that the issue was not actually from the drainage system, but from the downpipe and rainwater system.

Spectrum’s team were able to adapt fast to the situation. With the multi-functional vehicles, the team were able to safely set up anchor for abseiling to the downpipe in order to clear the blockage. The downpipe that went into the drainage system was dismantled and thoroughly cleared. We then flushed the whole drainage system through again thoroughly with our drain jetting equipment to ensure all the pipework was thoroughly clear.

It is due to the fast response, adaptability, and thorough job that Spectrum was able to complete the work before any further disruption could happen. It’s these competencies that leave so many companies relying on Spectrum for their drain cleaning, maintenance and emergency unblocking needs.

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