vector point abseiling

Vector Point – London – Rope Access used to assist cladding and flashing instalion

Spectrum was called in to investigate the roof area of Vector Point in London and to look at the replacement of the north and east side cladding panels, which form part of the coping between the roof and the façade.  With steep angles on a seemed roof and complex arrangement to manage in order to access different parts of the roof, Spectrum was able to use their rope access expertise to put together the safest plan possible for accessing the challenging parts of the roof.

Spectrum required the use of portable anchors and also installation of fixed anchor posts on the roof to set up the investigation. After carefully measuring out the roof dimensions Spectrum collaborated with engineering team to draw up plans for the new cladding panels and to rectify any building issues that will fix the new panels firmly in place. From investigation and planning to putting together drawings for fabrication and final installation, Spectrum is able to minimise the stress for the client by liaising with the teams required to help see the project through to completion.

vector point abseiling

Aluminium Tower and Rope Access on New Globe Walk, London

Spectrum was called in to carry out repairs to a prestigious residential block along the river where there had been issues with water ingress into one of the penthouse flats. The ingress had caused cracks into the render as well as damage to the inside of the flat. Spectrum assembled the safest and most efficient access strategy possible to carry out the works, bringing in aluminium towers as well as a rope access team to assist in the safe lifting of the coping stones.

Spectrum began the repairs by lifting the coping stones, preparing the surface below and laying DPM to the wall. After cleaning and levelling the area Spectrum laid the coping stones back and resealed the joints, taking care to direct attention to the finish, as maintaining/improving the aesthetics of the prestigious building was paramount. After raking out cracks, Spectrum also installed two new movement joints to the render of the façade to prevent further cracking and damage to the render of the wall from occurring in the future. After careful colour matching for the render, Spectrum resealed the cracks, applied new render paint and resealed the façade.

We were able to complete the project swiftly and safely, fully restoring the exterior of the property to its former glory.


Rope Access Waterproofing

Rope Access Waterproofing Valley Gutters on Westbourne London

Spectrum was called in to investigate the roof and valley gutters of a large residential block in Westbourne. Rope Access was required to reach and view some areas of the roof due to its complex layout and tricky access issues. Spectrum was able to use their rope access expertise to safely access and view the areas that required attention. After a full report and water test was carried out, Spectrum began to carry out repairs to the roof of the blocks and replace the roof tiles. The valley gutters required renewed waterproofing and Spectrum prepared the surface thoroughly before laying new waterproofing down.

After successfully completing the roof repairs and waterproofing the valley gutters Spectrum carried out remedial works to the flat affected,treating the damaged areas and reinstating the flats back to a high specification.



Rope Access on Residential block Facing Bear Gardens Road

Spectrum was called in to investigate water ingress into the 5th floor of a prestigious residential block in SE1. There was saviour damage being caused to the brick work so Spectrum got to work straight away. We carried out a full investigation and power washed the entire drain system to ensure there were no blockages. After completing a full investigation and water test, Spectrum identified the cause of the water ingress and prepared a full report with recommendation for repairs. The recommended repairs required a gas safe engineer and rope access to extend the boiler flues on the building, as well as resealing of the drainage pipes and repointing of the east facing brickwork.

Spectrum was able to assemble the appropriate teams to assist the gas safe engineers as well as prepare a safe strategy for carrying repointing to the brickwork. Spectrum’s rope access operatives and their repointing expertise ensured the brick work was prepared properly, repointed, and sealed to a high standard, restoring the facing to its former glory and keeping it water tight.