Rope Access on Residential block Facing Bear Gardens Road

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Spectrum was called in to investigate water ingress into the 5th floor of a prestigious residential block in SE1. There was saviour damage being caused to the brick work so Spectrum got to work straight away. We carried out a full investigation and power washed the entire drain system to ensure there were no blockages. After completing a full investigation and water test, Spectrum identified the cause of the water ingress and prepared a full report with recommendation for repairs. The recommended repairs required a gas safe engineer and rope access to extend the boiler flues on the building, as well as resealing of the drainage pipes and repointing of the east facing brickwork.

Spectrum was able to assemble the appropriate teams to assist the gas safe engineers as well as prepare a safe strategy for carrying repointing to the brickwork. Spectrum’s rope access operatives and their repointing expertise ensured the brick work was prepared properly, repointed, and sealed to a high standard, restoring the facing to its former glory and keeping it water tight.