What is Rope Access?

It is in many cases one of the safest ways to complete a task that requires an operative to be working at height. Using a static working rope and a backup rope, operatives can position themselves virtually anywhere through the use of harness equipment and a suitably positioned anchor/anchors. It is a cost effective way of accessing difficult to reach areas, and in most cases is a very fast way of carrying out maintenance as well as.

What can rope access be used for?

Rope access can be used for a vast amount of building maintenance applications that require operatives to be working at height. This can range from our abseilers carrying out leak detection, waterproofing, glazing, banner installation, bird proofing, specialist cleaning, general cleaning and much more.

Rope access can also be used for haulage, and is usually the strategy required in many RAMS that require operatives to be working at height.

Browse our dedicated service pages to find out more specifics, and check out some of our recent projects from this year so far.

Why do our clients like using us for rope access?

Spectrum Specialist Support is from a rope access background and we are very proud of the projects we have completed and the clients we have helped. It is an industry we are proud of being experts in and are passionate about the work we do. This is visible throughout all of our projects, from planning to completion. We regularly keep our clients updated with photos to show progress of our workmanship no matter how small or big the rope access project is. We are grateful and proud to have repeated rope access business from our clients, and hope to do so for many years to come.

The flexibility and amount of options available with rope access are endless, which is why we spend extra time preparing and planning our projects for our clients, thinking outside the box, and using innovative solutions to try and reduce the time required to complete a task so that we can ultimately try and save our clients money.

Additionally, being able to supply and install anchors and safety systems makes managing a building for our clients easier and more efficient. given that we usually use these anchors and safety system ourselves, we can usually carry out testing, maintenance and repairs while carrying out other rope access work on site, saving our client time and money and also getting tasks completed swiftly, without having to hire an extra team or service.

We offer our clients complete flexibility with our access solutions; should it not be possible to use fixed anchors or if the building owners do not want anchors installed we have our own portable weight anchors of various designs and sizes to best meet each site's requirements. As it's something we own in house our clients have the added benefit of not needing to pay hire charges.

We keep our Rope Access rates transparent for our clients, providing our calculations and day rates from the start. We work hard to make sure you can trust us to meet your rope access requirements, and for the right price.


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