The knowledge and experience base at Spectrum Specialist Support encompasses all aspects of work with glazing, roofing, restorative cleaning and specialist access. With this understanding of materials and the capability and equipment to reach wherever necessary on a property, the Spectrum experts can quickly and effectively tackle all waterproofing projects and stop water ingress on any scale.

Leak detection and rectification

Glazing and roofing systems require regular maintenance to ensure they perform correctly, to prevent component failure and leakage. Seal failure, poor installation, drainage system failure or glazing system damage are the most common cause of leaks.

The Spectrum team will conduct a full water test on arrival, to identify the cause and location/s of the problem, after which a detailed report of our findings will provided, with remedial costed recommendations to restore performance and functionality to the affected area.

Various routes may present themselves as necessary or favourable, and clients will be walked through possibilities, with specific budget, timeframe and requirements in mind. Solutions can vary from the replacement of existing gasket or silicone seals, the application of glazing tape, or in worse case scenarios the replacement of components and/or addition of design changes to problem areas.

When Spectrum takes on a job, the aim is not only to locate and repair a leak but to prevent it ever recurring. All repairs are supported by a guarantee that covers ingress problems after our visit. This means that if a leak reoccurs within the guaranteed period, we will attend free of charge to remedy the problem.

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