SPECTRUM BANNER - What does your building say to your clients?

What does your building say to your clients?

In many instances the façade of a building provides a first impression to clients and visitors, a clean exterior portrays a professional corporate image and leaves a permanent lasting imprint. We understand that cleaning and maintenance to the outer of a large building can appear as an overwhelming task, coupled with height it can seem like an impossible job to complete. We have been supporting property management companies / government organisations and private clients tackle this in the most cost-effective way for many years.

Sometimes it can be worth doing a simple audit of your building to see if it needs some maintenance.
Check out the following areas;
  1. Stone Pillars / Columns
  2. Roofs
  3. Render
  4. Cladding
  5. The facia of the building
  6. Gutters
  7. Brickwork
  8. UPVC
  9. Stone
  10. Patios / Parking Areas
  11. Flat Rubber Roofs
Check for these things in particular;
  1. Water overflowing from Gutters, Downpipes or gutter joints.
  2. Black streaks running down the side of your building from a gutter or roof area
  3. A heavy build-up of moss on the roof or heavy moss falling onto the ground around your building
  4. Greed, Red or Black Algae growing on your building
  5. Mould spores or black spots appearing in spots on the walls of your building
  6. Yellow, Green and red Lichens thick mould looking growths attached to your walls or render
  7. Green Algae growth on your walkways flat services, or hard standings
  8. Moss growing in the cracks of your patio / Driveway areas
If you spot anything you think is worth getting in touch with us about, please do so! We would be happy to help you!

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